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I blog pretty hard...

So... Touring times! This means war, but not really, no...

Uh, I figured so we can chat and shit about tour stuff, fan stuff and what-not, we'd do this... Cause Livejournal sat there and mocked me for a long time, like hours, even ask around. So I dragged Pat into this mess, cause that's what I do.

Uh.. Yeah, not sure what else there is to say... So... LET THE TOUR BLOGGAGE COMMENCE!


Yeah, you really did drag me into this mess, like you always do. Though, this really isn't a bad idea.
You know I'm a genius! My messes are beautiful anyway.
Most geniuses are pretty crazy. Hmph. Until I have to clean them up for you.
You know you love my messes! <3
Is there really any point in arguing with you?
Can we post about sex, Pete?
Well, duh, Gabe! :O
Just when we thought you couldn't exceed weird.
I am beyond normal, Travis!
This...if you hadn't gotten this idea into your head, Bill wouldn't have picked this name for me before I could choose one myself.
It's cause you're made of magic, Ryan. And yes, then makes complete sense to your statement.
Right. Okay then, Pete.
Yup. Complete incomprehensible sense.
I'm used to the completely incomprehensible, though. You've got to remember, I'm in a band with Brendon Urie.
You love it~ Don't pretend.
Don't make me hurt you, Beckett. We've already danced this dance before, if you recall.
Low blow. Thanks for the reminder.

I'll have my revenge, Rossy~ Just wait.
I'll be waiting for it.
Pete... What are we going to do with you? And you know, Zac's gonna have way too much fun with this thing...
Make sweet love to me? And of course he is, this is ingenius!
How easily you fall to a little blog-mocking. Any excuse to set up another one~
It calls to me, Willy Becks, it calls to me.
Never thought I'd end up seeing a comparison to LiveJournal and a siren, but you're just full of new, odd things~
What, what? I'm not odd! Completely normal, beyong normal. You jst can't see how absolutely normal!

Ha ha... I can't even say that without wanting to laugh.
Out and out lying makes Pete giggly~

April 2007

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