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I am on a mission.

Mr. Pete-Wentz and Creaaaaaam. D:

I have a job for you.  You can do anything, right?  Because I'm going to put your skills to the test.

I need you to make me shoe-grandchildren.  And not just ANY shoe-grandchildren.  Shoe-grandchildren made from my shoes and Jon's shoes.  I provide a picture to help guide you in your quest.

Okay, so Jon's shoe is nearly invisible, but it's a flip flop.  They all look the same.  If need be, I can GET YOU THE SHOE.

So, I need to know.  CAN YOU DO IT, PETE?  No no, I KNOW you can... But will you?  My happiness rests on your shoulders and your shoulders alone.

Also, my post is cooler than Ryan's because it's got an awesome picture.


you have got to be kidding me. and don't hate on my sneakers, they're way better than your red monstrosities.

pictures do not a better post make, at least not that sort of picture. i could outdo you any day.
Why would you think I'm kidding? And my red monstrosities are a hell of a lot cooler than your lipstick... things.

I'd like to see you try.
no, i know you're not. i just hope you are. because those are going to be some hideous shoes. and whatever, that's why i saw you trying them on before.

i can and i will, just you wait, urie. this is war.
They are going to be the best shoes ever, if only because they will be COMPLETELY YOUR DOING and you will hate them so. And I have no idea what you're talking about, I would never do such a thing. Unless I happened to be really really curious about them one night, but still, it never crossed my mind.

Bring it on, Ross. >D
i refuse to take any credit for anything so hideous as those shoes are going to be. well, IF you get pete to make them, and there's no guarantee of that happening. oh, you lie, you lie like a rug. i saw you, you sneaker thief, you.

oh, i'll bring it, alright.
It was YOUR IDEA, this sneaker and sandal mating, and I will of course give you full credit for them whether you like it or not. It's official- you are our shoe-grandchildren's godfather. I'm sure Jon will agree. And of course Pete will make them, he loves me and wants to see me happy. As to your accusations of shoe-thievery, YOU CAN PROVE NOTHING.

I'll be waiting. With better posts just itching to be made.
i'd be a terrible godfather, alwa--why am i even having this conversation with you? why, for that matter, am i typing this when you're right across the room?

bah. will never happen.
You'd be a terrible godfather only because you will hate your charges. That's alright, though, their love is unconditional. And try sitting next to you now, or trying to anyway as you've managed to take up the ENTIRE couch. Looks like I'll just have to sit on you.

You underestimate my abilities.

Watch a movie with me?
oh god! you're too heavy get your big ass off of me! why do you not move when i shove you?!

hmph. fine. nothing stupid, though.
Flailing stick arms can't do much~? You're comfy, anyway, but fine. Just give me some room~

When have I ever made you sit through something stupid?
no, you're just fat. and there's an entire couch! i don't take up that much room, you know.

do you want the list to be alphabetized or in chronological order?
That too.

Skip it, please, we'll be here all night. No, I was thinking of something in the area of a horror flick? You choose one, since you're picky.
horror, huh? well, let's pick something classic, then. most of the new stuff is just garbage. the shining?
Sounds good to me. Here, I'll get it.

popcorn, and gummy bears. no red bull for you, you have to get some sleep. we've got a show tomorrow.
Fiiiiine. Capri-Sun it is, then.
I can try, Mr. Urie! I can most certainly try!
I knew you wouldn't let me down. ♥

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